Monday, February 04, 2008

Waiting for God-ohhhh

Must be mad. On my ownio here in Kieran Street in early morning and it's all Peter Aiken's fault. You see he's got God to come to Cork. I know Cork people all think they're God already but this time it's the real thing and he hasn't played in Ireland for nearly twenty years. I refer of course to Eric Clapton. Everybody has one teenage musical hero, and this is mine. I've only seen him live once and that involved a trip to the wonderful Royal Albert Hall in London in 2001. Now there's a chance to see him in front of just 5,000 peoiple at the Live at the Marquee festival in Cork this June. Failing that it'll be Malahide Castle the following day, but a chance to see Clapton in such a small venue doesn't come along too often. Anyway it looks like he'll be the only one playing in Cork this year!!!

So here goes. Another two hours to wait for the magical Willie Meighan ar the magical Rollerrcoaster Records-the best little record shop in the East. No other lunatics joined me yet, but there will be more to follow I'm sure. Can anyoine get us a coffee please?

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