Monday, February 11, 2008

Damien does it-well done old school-mate

For a very small post-primary school we haven't done too badly. Tonight the latest school star steps forward. Damien Foxall of Caherdaniel was a couple of years behind me in Waterville Vocational School, with less than 100 other students. Like his Dad Roger, and his wonderful late Mum Susan, Damien had an incredible love of the sea, living as he did just yards from the pier at Bun a' Bhaile, in the townland of the family of our other great sportstar, Mick O' Dwyer. Ever since then, he's been a star on the rise.

Tonight in Barcelona, Damien and his fellow skipper Jean-Pierre Dick won the first ever double-handed round the world race. It's an incredible achievement and one that all of us South Kerry people are delighted with and proud of. Enjoy the steak and chips Damien, and if you get to read this, go around the corner to Set Portes and have a paella on top!!


Anonymous said...

Damian’s achievement is all the more sweeter when you put his time at Waterville in perspective; he never even did his Leaving Cert having been suspended with four other lads by then Principal Donnelly in 1985. Rath mor ort, a charda!

seankk said...

Didn't know that anonymous having done the leaving myself in 83. Think my brother Colum was in Damien's class. Did Damien finish somewhere else? One wasy or the other great to see him doing so well.