Wednesday, February 06, 2008

On we roll!

Obama gets Alabama according to Fox, although they hedged their bets for a while CNN much slower with these calls. According to polls Clinton was 3 points up here during week. Looks like Niall O' Dowd will struggle fot the 17 wins he was looking for tonight. The shake-out of the delegates will be more important. Hillary can win Massachusetts but Obama can still get nearly half the delegates there.

Kansas called for Obama too now on CNN. They're saying no major lead for either tonight. CNN now calling both Mass and Jersey for Clinton. Final delegates will be vital here.

North Dakota to Obama now also. Small states coming his way, but needs a biggie. Connecticut would be nice-nose just in front there.

Yippee-Connecticut just called for Obama by Fox. Very close but polls had her ahead by 3 but that's gone. CNN now calling Connecticut(although close) and Kansas for Obama- seven states out of the 24 tonight in his box already.

Another big one in now. Obama wins Minnesota-88 delegates to play for there.

Arizona and California called for Clinton. As Seán Óg Ó Ceallacháin would say-'Sin a' bhfuil de chúrsai spoirt'. Here's to seeing the number of delegates stay close, and for Missouri to come in next hour. Meanwhile it looks like Obama has won 14 out of 24 states tonight. He needed one of NY, NJ or Cal, but hopefully there's still a lot to fight for-"Yes we can-maybe!!"


Maman Poulet said...

Fair Play to you Sean - I headed for the leaba for a while. So it would seem having the Kennedy's and half of Hollywood behind you isn't much of a help. Mind your older voters and they will mind you??

seankk said...

Yhanks Maman. Pretty wrecked here now. Heading to relatively early bed. Glad to see the back of Super Tuesday to be honest. Hope my man is still in running-80 ish behind with Clinton still needing 1400 more to get nomination. Here's hoping. Hope all's well with you. Nominated Seamus for award. Will have to organise proposer for next year Talk soon