Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Potomac night-Yes he will again

The night of the states around the Potomac area has started well with Obama cruising to a clear win by the look of it-he's on 61% to Clinton's 38% so far. CNN now saying it'as 1,164 to 1,159 delegated but the lead of only 5 is down to her lead in Super-delegates. He's won 19 to 14 states so far, and as he says it's 'coast to caost, sea to shining sea'. Dsitrict of Columbia with no exit polls and only a tiny amount of votes in.

CNN saying McCain just barely winning Virginia.

It's just happened he's pulled ahead by 2 delegates-including the Super delegates. In fact he's 1,104 to 834 ahead on the pledged delegates. That's almost 20% ahead. Great quote from Donna Brazille on CNN- "he's moved from the Starbucks latte types to the Dunkin' Donuts types".
Here come's Hilary-looks a bit rattled to me. Hammering the vets support, and now the young democrats. She's in El Paso-the real one now, not Dundalk.
'All hat, no cattle', is she off again on inexperience? Trying to answer the charges of having done little in early life. Kept it relatively clean so far, I think not for long though!
Here it goes-he's taken Maryland as well, as we expected. And McCain for republicans. It's beginning to feel like we might be looking at these faces until November. Once again it's a state where Obama's overturned a big Clinton poll lead.
And now DC (75% to 23%!!!) as well-his line is great- we have won DC but we won't stop till we have real change in Washington DC.
He's taking the battle direct to McCain now-that's what I call confidence, and what a crowd. Tonight he decidedly looks like the real deal!
A $4,000 tuition grant but only for students who commit to community and voluntary service. I wonder how that would play with the gang in the student bars tonight.


Anonymous said...

Senator Obama's "tuition grant" isn’t such a radical idea; in 1993 Clinton the First signed into law AmeriCorps. This volunteer program grants participants $4,725 toward the cost of education upon completion of 1,700 hours of volunteer (albeit stipend) national service. To date it has graduated more than half a million members.

seankk said...

Thanks for that anonymous. The idea sounds excellent although I'm personally far more comfortable with the free fee initiative that the Labour Party introduced here in the mid 90's. It's making progress in opening up access to students from working class and deprived backgrounds. The US model hugely skews university education towards the wealthy. The main reason I see an advantage in either the Clinton or Obama schemes here is to encourage young people back to voluntary work, something which has hugely diminished in Ireland in recent years.

Anonymous said...

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