Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Good start to long night

First state called and it's Georgia to Obama. No surprise in a win for him here but the scale might be important. Polls gave him 50-34% lead but some exit polls have it at 64-30%. Let's wait and see but this news could boost him in West where polls open for hours yet.

Meanwhile the most mind-blowing moment of the campaign so far was this week's edorsement of Obama by the Kennedys-the royal family of bothe Democratic and in many ways American politics. Teddy Kennedy's speech was magic, but for me it was Caroline's speech as John F's daughter which really hit home. Have a look here and see what you think.


Anonymous said...

As an elected representative and educator the first thing you should do when writing - especially about politics - is to learn to use spell-check.
Not all the Kennedy’s endorse Obama as your comment suggests. Robert Kennedy Jr. and his sister Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, former Governor of Maryland, have endorsed Senator Clinton.
C’mon the Cats!

seankk said...

You should know Anonymous that Blogger doesn't have a spellcheck facility. Good to see Hilary has a couple of Kennedy's backing her although I was blown away by the speeches of Caroline and Ted.
I also didn't mention Maria Shriver who took the ultimate step of backing the man who will be going head to head with her husband Arnie's chosen Republican, McCain. So far it's the following Kennedy's in the Obama camp:
Caroline Kennedy (JFK's daughter)
Teddy Kennedy (JFK's brother)
Ethel Kennedy (RFK's wife)
Rory Kennedy (RFK's youngest child)
Maria Shriver (JFK's niece)
Will that do ya?
Na cait abú agus an Riocht chomh maith.