Wednesday, May 07, 2008

To the wire- less than 2% in it now.

What a system- the gap between Clinton and Obama is now just 20,000 votes and we're waiting for Lake County beside Chicago to decide whether Obama can make it a really unexpected double tonight. CNN and Fox both saying he can win it in theory. If he does it will be a huge shock and the Rev. Wright's apparent attempts at sabotage will not have worked. One interesting figure is that only 10% of Indiana's voters are black. For Obama to even come close to winning in a 90% non-black state is astonishing after the recent race controversy.

A cliffhanger-now who can't 'close the deal'?

3 hours after the polls closed in Indiana and Hillary hasn't 'closed the deal', as she accused Obama of failing to do in recent weeks.Looks like Obama is winning North Carolina by up to 20%, while the gap in indiana is down to 4% or just over 30,000 votes. It's fascinating to look at the polls in recent months in Indiana . Obama only led there briefly and only by a maximum of 5%. On the other hand Clinton led just three weeks ago by 16% in one poll. Obama's speech was fighting and answered some of the nonsense about his lack of patriotism. It also looks like the Rev. Wright stuff doesn't seem to have stuck. Could well be that tonight's the night the 'Comeback Kid 2' came unstuck.

Back on track-again

North Carolina is in and Barack Obama is back on track. Fox news and now CNN are calling North Carolina tonight for Barack Obama. They're also saying that Indiana is too close to call. He's won another major state, albeit a heavily black one. If he can keep it tight in Indiana, this race is still his to win. The other interesting thing from the exit polls tonight is that large numbers feel Hillary Clinton has been making unfair attacks in both states. Interesting night ahead!

On a related topic, saw a magic North Carolina group called Chatham County Line at the Rhythm and Roots festival at the weekend. If you've never been to this festival, you need to get here for the May bank-holiday weekend next year(remember the bank holiday the Labour Party gave you when we were in Government!). Wel done to John Cleere and company for a great weekend's music.