Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Here it comes-9 states come in

Now let's see the real action, 9 states to come in and about to be called on the basis of the polls-let's see Jersey and Massachusetts. CNN going Republicans first- He gets Illinois, but loses Oklahoma, both as expected. They're not calling anything else yet. Come on, give us the big ones!!

Georgia called now-again no surprises. Polls giving Obama 50-34% beforehand.

Here comes Arkansas-Clinton takes it-no surprise again, and Huckabee, former governer here takes it. She takes Tennessee also as predicted. CNN saying she's holding in Clinton country.

Fox calling Massachusetts for Clinton but CNN not doing so yet. They're giving her NY though-huge one that she would have been shocked to lose.

Obama wins Delaware-only 23 votes in total but still! Fox now calling New Jersey for Cinton-looks like it may be going her way!!! She's holding in the biggies so far!

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