Tuesday, September 26, 2006

On the Trail

Out on the leaflet drop tonight with a good team including Michael O' Brien, our candidate in Kilkenny for the General election, his son Shane, neighbour Mary and the irrepressible Gary Lynch, one of my 'Main Men' from the canvass team. One encounter with a very irate parent of a heroin addict, complaining about the lack of a drug treatment centre and a methadone clinic in the city. Interestingly, this was the topic of Prime Time on RTÉ tonight along with Bertie's tearful performance on RTÉ. Here's a pic of Gary with Pat. Gary says one of them is the conscience of the Irish Labour Party. Modest as ever Gar!

By the way, you can watch the full interview with Bertie Ahern here and make up your own mind. I personally think he has major questions to answer. After all Ivor Callelly had to walk because he failed to pay a [painter for work done in his house. We can all feel sympathy for Bertie's break-up, but why is it that he had managed to get a loan to pay these costs, but still needed another one from his friends to repay this loan. One thing is sure. I'm buying a pair of waterproof shoes. I think we'll be knocking on doors pretty soon!

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