Thursday, September 07, 2006

Arts Week Catch-Up

With many apologies to those whose pics I took and those I met during Arts Festival in Kilkenny, here are some of the pics I took with visitors and locals alike as Deputy Mayor.First off here's one of the incredible Ms. Bunty Pike from Dublin, who was with relatives from Phoenix Arizona, I believe. Bunty, who is a sprightly 91 year old is Mum of Andy, the Camphill based designer of the River Parade, which included many of Camphill's residents. To find out more about Camphill's wonderful work, visit their website here.

Just down the street was my neighbour from Waterville, Co. Kerry, Adrian O' Shea, who was visiting for the festival, along with his two blonde sons, like father ..... Adrian and myself grew up across a field from each other after he returned with England with his Dad Naoise, one of our local doctors, and his Mum Anne who became a leading light in our local Tidy Towns committee. I was delighted to suggest the dedication of a new community playground in the village to Anne's memory, and five years after we started the project, it was finally opened at Easter this year. Adrian's wife Liz has stropng Kilkenny connections with the Burke and Hindle families, including with my predecessor as Deputy Mayor and a great Mayor recently, Betty Manning.

On the same day, I met the superb local artist Alan Counihan who lives in Johnswell, and had an amazing exhibition in Rudolf Hetzel's gallery on Patrick Street. Alan makes the most amazing sculpture pieces using feathers and such ordinary things as bird skeletons. As a beachside dweller for most of my life, I could never have imagined these avian remains turning into Viking longships and other wonderful things. An example of Alan's work is shown here, although he also had some interesting sculpture pieces focussing on the loss of the Irish language. alan_counihan

I also met with Alan's former Irish teacher, Michael O' Sullivan, who was one of the special guests at the opening along with his family. I've now finally found the names folks, and here you see Michael, Dervla and Eileen O' Sullivan with Alan in the August sunshine.


patricia McGuirk said...

a great day was had at the Kilkenny Parade during Arts Week. We enjoyed meeting Sean OhArgain and its great to see Bunty's photo on your site - she is thrilled.Well done to all at Camphill (especially Andrew and Siobhan) and Macnas for a world class parade.Kilkenny Design take a bow for great coffee and shopping - see their bag at Bunty's foot!!

seankk said...

Patricia great meeting all of you as well. Hope to see you back in KK soon. Fully agree about the gang in Camphill-an amazing approach to special needs giving people a real life experience and a sense of purpose.