Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Politicians Squeeze Through again

The lads made it through again last night although I'm not sure about the wisdom of chosing 'Set on You' which George Harrison didn't write but covered from 50's star Rudy Clark. Luckily our lad McCarthy can sing because some of the others struggled last night. Great to see them still there however.

I spoke to Mike after the show and they're having great fun and delighted to be making money for the hospice cause. Keep up the votes for them tonight on the show, and hopefully they'll be there at the end to go one better than that so-called leftie (only joking Finian!!) from the Northside. Remember to text Vote Politicians to 53600 or by phoning 1513 7127108.


Tommy Roche said...

Hi Seán. Congrats on the website and blog. Please consider helping Amnesty International stop internet repression. Please see


Tommy Roche

seankk said...

Thanks Tommy. As it happens one of the first issues on the Amnesty site hits a nerve as I taught Gary Douch's brother Alfie in my first year teaching so I'm very angry at the circumstances around his death, and I really hope the enquiry gets to the bottom of it. McDowell could do us all a favour and shut that dump of a Mountjoy for once and for all. Keep up the good work,