Friday, April 25, 2008

Nice coverage for the Blog

There I was last week wondering if in the eyes of the local journo's I had actually been at the Borough Council meeting, let alone lead a few important debates from the chair as acting Mayor for the night. Lo and behold, the roundabout overcame the swings yesterday and today with lovely pics from the opening of the coolest mart in the country at Cillin Hill, about which I shall write again, decent coverage of my raising of the disturbances to local communities, particularly in the Outrath area from so-caled 'Boy Racers', and best of all a smashing article by Katherine Blake in the Kilkenny People about politician's websites.

Katherine, who has her own website, gives me the 'Best Councillor's award' for this here Blog, and brought a few visitors in the past few days.
Giving credit where it's due by the way, hats off to a hugely improved Kilkenny People website. For a long time the doyen of the local media had a pretty difficult to negotiate site, which was often weeks out of date, but now it looks a whole lot brighter, and has all this wekk's contents already. The local free paper, the Kilkenny Advertiser has had a fabulous site since its launch, featuring the Pagesuite digital issue. Of course it makes all its money from advertising, where the People still has good old-fashioned paper sales as part of its revenue stream.

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