Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Really angry but seeing the best in one who's passed on.

Tonight I am raving with anger about something really shitty that has happened to a number of decent people in this city, and about which I'll blog tomorrow when the news becomes public. It's at moments like this when you can lose faith in the most basic honesty and decency in people around you. But more anon....

My good friend 'An Fear Rua' however always has a way of making things better, and he sent me this magic Youtube video of the great Christie Hennessy from Tralee who passed on this morning. All of us from the Kingdom are really proud of what a so-called uneducated man from Tralee, forced to take the emigrant ship to London like most of his compatriots in the fifties and sixties, has achieved in writing some of the greatest songs of recent decades and having become 'A Star' so late in life. More than anything else that magical simplicity of Christy's 'Up de rock and down de square' Tralee attitude to life, and his pure niceness and gentleness should bring out the best in us.

This video sums it all up, and I'm off tomorrow to buy the album. For those who I'll write about tomorrow, they should look at Christie as the example of how life should be lived. Suaimhneas siorai agat Christie-rest in peace forever, and may the music shine on!

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