Thursday, December 13, 2007

Common Sense in 'Joysey'-Death Penalty goes in Springsteen Land

The news tonight that New Jersey has become the first US State in over thirty years to vote to outlaw the use of the death penalty, including Amnesty International, is a little bit of good news for all those who have struggled against this inhumane and pointless form of human punishment. The arguments have been well rehearsed for years: the racist element of the death penalty leading to disproportionate killing of black working class males in the US, its total failure to cause a drop in crime rates anywhere it exists-in other words it is simply not effective as a deterrent, and most convincingly in an Irish context, the fact that innocent people are executed for crimes of which they were wrongly convicted. Well done to the brave people of Jersey for acting decisively, and may they inspire those in the remaining states who retain this archaic law to follow their lead. Won't the 'Boss', their greatest musical ambassador and clearest voice of the old-fashioned democratic, centre-left values be a proud Jersey man tonight.

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