Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Reflection Time-Where did it all go wrong??

This is the twilight zone for any political activist. Unfortunately, those of us who have committed so many wakingb and sleepless moments to the entity that is the Irish Labour Party, a proud party which will be 100 years old at the next election, are getting used to this questioning and know we have some fundamental questions to answer. Let's have your opinions here to kickstart the debate, both in terms of our failure to win a seat locally and our failure to achieve a breakthrough nationally.

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Anonymous said...

hi sean.. hard luck in kilkenny and of course carlow. i can't believe the party didn't give a senate nomination to the constituency. without an oireachtas member, the greens are now the dominant progressive force in the constituency, making them hard to beat. i think either yourself or ann phelan would have made great senators. anyway, i think we have fundamental questions to ask, particularly in the rural labour party. we need to attract a wider audience. i am 34, and am the only one of my friends to be a member of a trade union. this presents many challenges. we deffo need to plough our own furrow, and i hope this election sees the end of the alliance for change. we have given the kiss of life to fine gael. the election has made me determined to make a greater contribution, i look forward to starting that process at the tom johnson summer school.