Monday, April 23, 2007

Ar ais aris-Back at last-Are you with us?

I'm finally back to the Blogosphere after too long a break. It's that mad election time, and being in the backroom as well as on the doorstepsleaves precious little time for getting to the machine. Tonight I'd like to draw your attention to the latest chapter of the Labour Party's 'Make a Change' campaign. Here's Pat Rabbitte's latest video contribution from Youtube

The famous 'But, are you happy?' ad which had the Irish Times 'Eats, shoots and leaves' brigade getting their knickers in a twist about where the comma was placed, was followed by 'It's Time for a change-are you with us?' It seems almost quaint now to ask people to join a political party or to roll their sleeves up and get stuck into campaigning. The 85% of people who voted in France yesterday however should buck us up. There's no point whinging about what's wrtong with society if you're not going to try and change it. For some people, that will be as simple as getting out to vote on election day-that's the basic minimum you must do to affect change. The best way to use your vote is to vote Labour, a party with a real alternative vision. A vote for us will result in changing this rotten Government, whereas others who pretend to be on the left are hedging their bets about getting rid of Fianna Fáil and co.

You can go further and go out and actively work for your local Labour candidate. Here in Kilkenny we'll welcome anybody who wants to type responses to voters, put leaflets in through doors, or actually canvass, which is better craic than you might think. Have a look at what a straight talking Pat Rabbitte is outlining here and if you like what you see, sign on for the battle.

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Gar U. Luss. said...

Oh, dear. Us pedants will NEVER tire of correcting the "workers" in the Labour Party, but the "correct" slogan should have been "But... Are you happy?".