Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Venceremos-Ortega is back!!

It looks to be a great night for the left on the American continent. As a long-time supporter of the former Sandanista Governmeent in Nicaragua who got rid of one of the US Government's favourite dicatators Somoza, it's astonishing to see former President Daniel Ortega back in power tonight. The pictures on CNN of huge crowds in the centre of Managua celebrating the defeat of the right, who are backed by Bush and co., adds to Chavez in Venezuela, Morales in Bolivia and the great survivor, Castro in Cuba. Hopefully we will see a Democratic House and Senate before the night is out to bring a bit of normality back to the world and signal the pending end of the Neo-Cons in the White House. Meanwhile I can't help remember meeting Ortega in the National Concert Hall, on a night when Michael D. Higgins gave a magnificent, if slightly innebriated speech welcoming 'El Presidente'. One of my proudest posessions is a Sandanista bandana signed by Ortega, and I unfortunately lost a t-shirt which proclaimed the best Sandanista slogan 'Los Pueblos Unida jamas sera vincido' (the people united will never be defeated). It looks like it's still true hopefully!!

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