Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Support the Education Cuts Petition

Well done to Maria Parodi, new Labour Party local election candidate in Dublin for starting a comrehensive petition to the Minister for Education Batt O' Thief (sorry O' Keeffe!!) regarding the atrocious education cuts annouced in the budget and unfolding every day.
I'll be proposing the Carlow/Kilkenny motion condemning these cuts at our party conference being held for the first time in Kilkenny this weekend and this debate will be carried live on RTÉ One TV on Saturday morning from 11.00 am to 1.00 pm.
Please sign the petition here
Please also support the National demonstration against the cuts on Sat. 6th. December at 12.00 noon from Parnell Square, Dublin. Let's increase on the 25,000 parents, children and teachers who sent such a strong signal to the Government in Cork last Saturday.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Here comes Barack-the speech of a lifetime

Watching and wishing I was in Chicago-just listened to Martin Luther King's daughter saying that tonight proves that her father's death was not in vain-Oh what a night

Here somes the concession

At last a gracious speech from McCain. How right he is about it being inspirational and how appropriate to reflect on the historical change for African Americans.

Oregon for Obama and the Republicans have got their 40 seats. Interesting to see the crowd booing and cheering Palin-will we see her back in 4 years?

Uachtarán Obama

A big hour ahead the lads say on CNN. Aren't they right that it would be magic if Hawaii put him over the top to win particularly after his Gran's death yesterday. And how right this latest comment about how amazing a path it is over 5 years to go from hardly known senate candidate to President of the US. Finally Gloria is honest enough to say that age was a factor and the mad choice of Sarah Palin. Maybe the Irish media including Myers and George Hook will admit that she's a head-case.

Yahoo-Virginia goes Democrat after 44 years. That's a real breakthrough.

Yeeees-CNN call it for Obama-he's the New President of the most powerful country of the world. 44 years after the murder of Martin Luther King it has happened. All the racist naysayers and cynics have got their answer and our faith in humanity is restored. Here's to the US reclaiming its place in decency and humanity. Tears in my eyes but feck it. The opnly day that compares with this night was Mandela's release. Well done to great people like Samantha Power who knew how great this man is.

A Úachtaráin Obama, fáilte romhat agus go n-eiri leat!

207 votes in-getting there

63 votes to go in electoral college. This could be over by 4 all things going well. 67% of Latino vote going to Obama according to exit polls after all the nonsense about Latinos not coming ftrom Clinton to Obama. Even in Florida, he's getting 57% of Latinos including the Cuban immigrants-that's some going.
Come on let's be having Florida and put us out of our misery.
Texas called for McCain-would have been nice to bring it back blue but not tonight.

Now we're motoring-Ohio in

Looks like it's President elect Barack Obama. The great folks of Ohio came through for Obama and CNN are talking about McCain needing a miracle. They've switched off the telly at McCain campaign HQ and the lovely people at Fox TV are looking very glum indeed. Happy Days-so far!! Poor old Hank Williams Jr. gets to entertain at the Repuublican wake-give me the Bosss any day.

Senate Majority-Will they make it magic 60?

52 Senate seats called now. First Democratic majority for a while. If they get 60 life will be a lot easier for Obama. Hopefully they'll get there.

Pennsylvania In-Time to start the celebrations!!??

Can we start to breathe easily at last? Obama is predicted to take Penn State the first of the biggies and is leading in a few of the other crunch states. It looks like all my hopes of the last few years are coming true and that we will have Change at last. It also look like the Senate will come solidly blue at last too. Obama Abú. Here with Gary and Fionn and a big jug of coffee-burgers and bud have been consumed and Mar and Mark chickened out and hit the bed. Come on now give us Florida and Ohio. Still I'm not going to bed till McCain concedes-I remember 2000!!