Sunday, February 24, 2008

Have to moderate comments due to crap!!

Sorry folks but I'll have to moderate comments from here on. Don't know about other bloggers but this one has been targetted by some pretty nasty spammers and spyware stuff in past couple of weeks. If you're reading this spammers, lay off please.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Meeting the Milk Cart

Here is the ultimate childish comedy fan's pic. On the road to Callan on Thursday, Fionn, Caoilfhionn and I came across the wonderful milk-cart from Fr. Ted-remember the manic scene with Fr. Dougal driving the cart around like a demented lunatic á la the movie Speed.

The cart is being pushed around Ireland to raise funds for Downs Syndrome Ireland and to mark the 10th anniversary of Dermot Morgan's death, and is getting a fantastic reaction everywhere.

Here's the famous clip that you shoud remember-what magic it was, and do support the lads and lassies organised and sponsored by Paddy Power bookmakers when they come to a place near you.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Potomac night-Yes he will again

The night of the states around the Potomac area has started well with Obama cruising to a clear win by the look of it-he's on 61% to Clinton's 38% so far. CNN now saying it'as 1,164 to 1,159 delegated but the lead of only 5 is down to her lead in Super-delegates. He's won 19 to 14 states so far, and as he says it's 'coast to caost, sea to shining sea'. Dsitrict of Columbia with no exit polls and only a tiny amount of votes in.

CNN saying McCain just barely winning Virginia.

It's just happened he's pulled ahead by 2 delegates-including the Super delegates. In fact he's 1,104 to 834 ahead on the pledged delegates. That's almost 20% ahead. Great quote from Donna Brazille on CNN- "he's moved from the Starbucks latte types to the Dunkin' Donuts types".
Here come's Hilary-looks a bit rattled to me. Hammering the vets support, and now the young democrats. She's in El Paso-the real one now, not Dundalk.
'All hat, no cattle', is she off again on inexperience? Trying to answer the charges of having done little in early life. Kept it relatively clean so far, I think not for long though!
Here it goes-he's taken Maryland as well, as we expected. And McCain for republicans. It's beginning to feel like we might be looking at these faces until November. Once again it's a state where Obama's overturned a big Clinton poll lead.
And now DC (75% to 23%!!!) as well-his line is great- we have won DC but we won't stop till we have real change in Washington DC.
He's taking the battle direct to McCain now-that's what I call confidence, and what a crowd. Tonight he decidedly looks like the real deal!
A $4,000 tuition grant but only for students who commit to community and voluntary service. I wonder how that would play with the gang in the student bars tonight.

The video for me-what ya think?

Thanks to for this one. I don't have the metal hand, but the vertically challenged bit does count. Meanwhile I'll be on and blogging here tonight on the US stuff. A rotten dose of the flu has me up and coughing my way through the night.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Best political video of all time?

Recently some of us were reminiscing about the famous Eoghan Harris videos for the Mary Robinson presidential campaign. The best of these was the Nessun Dorma video in grainy black and white. Doesn't seem to be available on net-anyone got it anywhere? I've never seen one as good as this one however. Here we see of stars including Scarlett Johansson, John Legend, Herbie Hancock, Kate Walsh, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Adam Rodriquez, Kelly Hu, Adam Rodriquez, Amber Valetta and Nick Cannon. All this is produced by of the Black Eyed Peas, and the son of the legend, Jesse Dylan.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Damien does it-well done old school-mate

For a very small post-primary school we haven't done too badly. Tonight the latest school star steps forward. Damien Foxall of Caherdaniel was a couple of years behind me in Waterville Vocational School, with less than 100 other students. Like his Dad Roger, and his wonderful late Mum Susan, Damien had an incredible love of the sea, living as he did just yards from the pier at Bun a' Bhaile, in the townland of the family of our other great sportstar, Mick O' Dwyer. Ever since then, he's been a star on the rise.

Tonight in Barcelona, Damien and his fellow skipper Jean-Pierre Dick won the first ever double-handed round the world race. It's an incredible achievement and one that all of us South Kerry people are delighted with and proud of. Enjoy the steak and chips Damien, and if you get to read this, go around the corner to Set Portes and have a paella on top!!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

On we roll!

Obama gets Alabama according to Fox, although they hedged their bets for a while CNN much slower with these calls. According to polls Clinton was 3 points up here during week. Looks like Niall O' Dowd will struggle fot the 17 wins he was looking for tonight. The shake-out of the delegates will be more important. Hillary can win Massachusetts but Obama can still get nearly half the delegates there.

Kansas called for Obama too now on CNN. They're saying no major lead for either tonight. CNN now calling both Mass and Jersey for Clinton. Final delegates will be vital here.

North Dakota to Obama now also. Small states coming his way, but needs a biggie. Connecticut would be nice-nose just in front there.

Yippee-Connecticut just called for Obama by Fox. Very close but polls had her ahead by 3 but that's gone. CNN now calling Connecticut(although close) and Kansas for Obama- seven states out of the 24 tonight in his box already.

Another big one in now. Obama wins Minnesota-88 delegates to play for there.

Arizona and California called for Clinton. As Seán Óg Ó Ceallacháin would say-'Sin a' bhfuil de chúrsai spoirt'. Here's to seeing the number of delegates stay close, and for Missouri to come in next hour. Meanwhile it looks like Obama has won 14 out of 24 states tonight. He needed one of NY, NJ or Cal, but hopefully there's still a lot to fight for-"Yes we can-maybe!!"

Let us know what you think

Plenty of visitors here tonight. Give us a few comments-come on!!

Here it comes-9 states come in

Now let's see the real action, 9 states to come in and about to be called on the basis of the polls-let's see Jersey and Massachusetts. CNN going Republicans first- He gets Illinois, but loses Oklahoma, both as expected. They're not calling anything else yet. Come on, give us the big ones!!

Georgia called now-again no surprises. Polls giving Obama 50-34% beforehand.

Here comes Arkansas-Clinton takes it-no surprise again, and Huckabee, former governer here takes it. She takes Tennessee also as predicted. CNN saying she's holding in Clinton country.

Fox calling Massachusetts for Clinton but CNN not doing so yet. They're giving her NY though-huge one that she would have been shocked to lose.

Obama wins Delaware-only 23 votes in total but still! Fox now calling New Jersey for Cinton-looks like it may be going her way!!! She's holding in the biggies so far!

Good start to long night

First state called and it's Georgia to Obama. No surprise in a win for him here but the scale might be important. Polls gave him 50-34% lead but some exit polls have it at 64-30%. Let's wait and see but this news could boost him in West where polls open for hours yet.

Meanwhile the most mind-blowing moment of the campaign so far was this week's edorsement of Obama by the Kennedys-the royal family of bothe Democratic and in many ways American politics. Teddy Kennedy's speech was magic, but for me it was Caroline's speech as John F's daughter which really hit home. Have a look here and see what you think.

Tickets in the paw

Got em-thanks be to God and Willie-Meighan that is! At 9.03 yesterday, got the magical 4 tickets for Clapton at the Live at the Marquee festival on June 20th. To the wiseguy in Cork that suggested he should be playing in old folks homes I say come along and see this sixty-something do things with a strat that the young lads can only dream about. Roll on June and a chance to see the king of the blues up close and personal.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Waiting for God-ohhhh

Must be mad. On my ownio here in Kieran Street in early morning and it's all Peter Aiken's fault. You see he's got God to come to Cork. I know Cork people all think they're God already but this time it's the real thing and he hasn't played in Ireland for nearly twenty years. I refer of course to Eric Clapton. Everybody has one teenage musical hero, and this is mine. I've only seen him live once and that involved a trip to the wonderful Royal Albert Hall in London in 2001. Now there's a chance to see him in front of just 5,000 peoiple at the Live at the Marquee festival in Cork this June. Failing that it'll be Malahide Castle the following day, but a chance to see Clapton in such a small venue doesn't come along too often. Anyway it looks like he'll be the only one playing in Cork this year!!!

So here goes. Another two hours to wait for the magical Willie Meighan ar the magical Rollerrcoaster Records-the best little record shop in the East. No other lunatics joined me yet, but there will be more to follow I'm sure. Can anyoine get us a coffee please?