Thursday, April 09, 2009

On this miserable day it's nice to see our former party leader back to his best in putting the Greens in their place at last. The interview with Mary White, our local toothless TD had to be seen to be believed, but is gone form the RTÉ website unfortunately. Meanwhile the vision of John and his bicycle clips will live almost as long in the memory as that of Mary O' Rourke in the bath-but not quite as frightening!

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Catherine said...

HI Seán, I have this Rabbitte clip running on my blog as well - hilarious! It is a real "class act"! What is the Mary White clip you refer to? Is it on the YouTube channel itself? Always good for a laugh those sanctimonious Greens, more yellow this weather.
Agree with your sentiments about John McGuinness, heard Late Debate last night and so many were in shock at all the shafting that went on - keep your friends close and your enemies closer indeed!