Friday, February 20, 2009

Support the National Demonstration-Show the Fat Cats

This video says it all. Let's join the ICTU national demonstration on Saturday and show the fat cats and their buddies in Government, particularly our own Junior Minister John McGuinness, that we will not sit idly by while the Anglo Ten, Seán Fitzpatrick, Quinn, Dunne or whoever get off scot-free while we as workers pick up the tab for the mess they've landed us in.


Anonymous said...

I though John McGuinness had asked for the fraud squad to be called in - hardly a buddy of the fat cats.

seankk said...

Apologies Andrew-sorry anon! for not publishing this comment quicker. For what it's worth, John calling for the fraud squad to be called in now is like asking the fore brigade to come after the house has burned down. I don't remember him once calling for the tent at the Galway races to be shut down when the cosy arrangements which are now haunting us were established. I also don't remember any effort by him to restrict election spending in either local or national elections, something badly needed in Kilkenny!