Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Twelve in a Row-Vermont in for Obama

Here we go again. Tonight's the night when we see the real picture. Having lived in New Hampshire for a little while back in the student summer, it looks like the nice people of Vermont have done what was expected. By the look of the exit polls, he's taking the white voters there comfortably, and doing very well with women. Twenty minutes to go to close of Ohio which will really tell what's happening.

Great profile of Samantha Power that magical woman who stunned St. Canice's cathedral in August in the Irish Times today. Forget the national security advisor job Samantha-what about the Phoenix Park instead, and then the top top job in the UN?Here's a really bad mobile pic from that great night.

Jaysus-too close to call in Ohio. RTÉ reporting earlier that Clinton had pulled ahead in last polls in Ohio, maybe up to 8% ahead. Now CNN saying it's 'competitive'. Long few hours to go methinks.

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Anonymous said...

Oh too bad! Hill takes the big three. Yup, she CAN too! Next up - Pennsylvania. Then, redo's in Florida and Michigan which she will win easily. Add those delegates up and winning 12 states means very little beyond the fleeting "momentum".
As for Ms. "Monster" Powers she has shamed not just her erudite self and her employer but also her cousin who has written many a prescription for you Sean in your very own home town.