Monday, March 05, 2007

Bongos and Boogie-Fair Trade Tunes

It was a great kick-off to Fair Trade Fortnight in Kilkenny last Thursday night as the irrepressible Sophia Westwick organised a novel Drummers V. D.J's night in Cleere's Pub. Cleere's was one of the first pubs in Kilkenny to start to stock Fair Trade tea and coffee, and helped put the whole campaign on the road. We returned therefore to the best little theatre in the country for a gathering featuring world music by D.J's Andy Harte and Yuvi and drummers led by Colm Byrne.
Some us needed some encouragement to get out and boogie but the reggae sounds of Bob Marley soon got even the most senior stalwarts into action. All in all it was a good night, raising a few euro in the process, and reawakening the spirits on the committee.

Next up is Wednesday night's fashion show in Langton's. Fair Trade clothing is a new area, with people like Ali Hewson, wife of God (sorry I mean Bono) one of the highest profile designers in the marketplace, with her Edun range. People Tree is another company selling really good fashion online, with a cool animated ad to promote their products. One of my favourite multiples, if that's not a contradiction, Marks and Spencer's (they actually make clothes that fit people like me!) have also launched a Fair Trade range. On Wednesday night we join Burnchurch National School in a fund-raising fashion show, with mens and womens fashion items which are exclusively Fair Trade products. The committee have thankfully avoided being drafted as models, so we'll just be there to cheer on the volunteers. Well done to new member Niamh Mulvey who has put so much work into this and see you all in Langton's at 8.00 pm on Wednesday.

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